AGS-LOGO American Geographical Society

Dedicated to the advancement of geographic thinking, knowledge and understanding across business, government, academe, social sectors and most importantly with teachers and students.


UWM Libraries American Geographical Society Library – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Houses a large collection of photographs and maps of Louise Arner Boyd.


CAG Canadian Association of Geographers

Promotes geographic research and geography as a key discipline in education, research and in the public and private sectors both nationally and internationally.


MHM-LOGO Marin History Museum

Celebrates the traditions, innovation and creativity of the people of Marin County, California. Contains a large repository of Louise Arner Boyd materials.


RCGS-LOGO  Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of Canada through its educational program.


RGS-LOGO Royal Society of Geographers

Dedicated to the development and promotion of geographical knowledge together with its application to the challenges facing society and the environment.


SPRI Scott Polar Research Institute

Enhances the understanding of the polar regions through scholarly research and publication, educating new generations of polar researchers, caring for and making accessible its collections (including its library, archival, photographic and object collections), and projecting the history and environmental significance of the polar regions to the wider community for public benefit.


SWG-logo Society of Woman Geographers

An international community of geographers and others that encourages and supports research and exploration. Provides opportunities to share ideas and promotes intellectual exchange.


WINGS-LOGO Wings Worldquest

Recognizes and supports extraordinary women in science and exploration. 


WUC Writers’ Union of Canada

Works to improve the conditions of Canadian writers.