A Gardener Extraordinaire


Louise Arner Boyd found delight in the natural world whether it was far above the Arctic Circle or in her own backyard. Her backyard was a little different than most as her San Rafael mansion “Maple Lawn” was comprised of several acres lovingly tended by the longtime Boyd gardener Ah Sing. On many of her expeditions she collected botanical specimens under the guidance of her mentor Alice Eastwood of the California Academy of Sciences.


At home, she worked closely with Ah Sing on the care and maintenance of the garden that had been planted under the watchful eyes of her maternal grandfather Ira Cook and her father John Franklin Boyd. She imported and planted both Indigenous and exotic tree species throughout the property and visitors to her home would often remark on the magnificent vistas as they drove up the impressive driveway lined with maple trees. Remnants of these trees are still apparent today although sadly, her prized lush camellia bushes no longer exist.

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