Birthing a Book


It’s only weeks away from the publication of The Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame A Life of Louise Arner Boyd by Dundurn Press in Toronto. It’s had a long gestation period – over ten years – and to say that I’m anticipating its arrival with delight doesn’t come close to capturing my feelings about its impending arrival. During that ten years, the two people who believed in me as a writer and who loved me unconditionally – my parents – died and will never know that I finally wrote and published a book. As experienced by all writers, there were obstacles that occurred that interrupted the creative process and several times it was nearly derailed. Perhaps because this is the first comprehensive life of Louise Arner Boyd, I felt my responsibility as a biographer keenly. But now it seems that all my hard work, patience and perseverance and the support of those who love me is going to pay off. I’m counting the days!

6 thoughts on “Birthing a Book

  1. Congratulations, Joanna! I understand your feelings as you finally approach publication of your book, which looks fascinating and is definitely on my t0-read list. Wishing you much success with it! My sincerest condolences on the loss of your parents, but I’m sure they know of your accomplishment and are proud.


    1. Many thanks for your kind words! It’s always difficult to know how your book will be received but certainly I’ve had excellent feedback so far. I appreciate you taking the time to review the site.


  2. Your passion for the subject is so evident it will certainly shine through in the finished project! Sincerest condolences for the loss of your parents. I know how that can affect the creative process and kudos to you for pushing through. Best, Cat aka Tempeste Blake


  3. Thank you so much, Cat for your thoughtful comments which I really appreciate! The fact that we as writers sit at our desks day after day, year after year no matter what life throws at us, is a testament of our commitment to our craft. What emerges is a piece of paper or a collection of pages with an arrangement of letters that has the power to share ideas and even change lives. How lucky are we!


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