The Pitfalls of Book Promotion

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Becoming a published author means that you enter the public arena knowingly and with intent. When I worked in publishing, the author was fêted at a book launch party, chatted with a few radio hosts and participated in book signings across the country. While this still happens to a lucky few, the vast majority of working writers jockey for valuable real estate in cyberspace: trying to ensure that one’s book gains a healthy number of Amazon pre-orders and generates a buzz on Facebook far in advance of its publication date.

Like me, most writers are solitary souls who’d rather spend hours in dusty archives or labour away on a difficult paragraph in one’s study rather than nurture one’s Instagram followers or try and boost the number of Facebook friends. I only joined social media two months ago and it’s been a bit like going from being a librarian to a stripper. Nothing is considered off-limits.  It’s easy to be beguiled by this new anonymous world of friends for the taking and harder to focus on what matters- the words and the writing of books. And yet, natural introvert that I am, I’ve made new friends and fascinating connections with enthusiastic fans throughout the world who now know about Louise Arner Boyd- and that was my goal all along.

4 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Book Promotion

    1. Sadly, I don’t think the analogy is too extreme! One goes from being most comfortable alone and shut up in a small room filled with books to baring one’s soul- life history, photographs, friends…. scary stuff! It is a testament to how much we are committed to our art that we do so.


  1. Indeed, getting “the world” to pay attention to our writings is a challenge! So many “words” out there. I have learned that the first mission is for ME to write my truth and that I am obedient. Yet, still, I daily check my “stats”… ever hopeful that someone is listening = soul kin/ relationship…

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    1. Oh yes!! Finding that balance is critical. Although I’ve been writing my biography of Louise Arner Boyd for ten years, I am a complete newbie in the murky world of social media. But I am committed to sharing her remarkable life with the world and this is what propels me forward!

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